Anthro Base Feral Base

Evergreen is a male dragon wolf, a species I kind of made up myself. I know it's not original but I like it :P

He can have those floaty chibi wings or the larger ones, both are fine

Evergreen is a cool, calm and collected guy usually, with a sense of humor. He likes kidding around and doesn't anger easily. He likes making new friends

He has the ability to both create fire (from his mouth in both forms and the palms of his front paws while anthro) and control other fires. You can tell when he is controlling or has created a fire because it's green instead of the usual orange or blue. When he stops controlling the fire, it returns to its normal colors. He also can't be burnt at all, could live in a volcano if he wanted to, lol.

He can fly, and he's good at it. He can fly pretty fast and is quite adept at turning. He likes to do tricks to impress his friends.